Hamburg - Hamburg Reptile Show

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Hamburg is one of the longest tenured and most visited Reptile Expos on the planet. Established in 1988 we've been doing this for quite a while. We have an incredible selection of Captive Bred reptiles and amphibians along with many imported species that have yet to be established by breeders. Looking for a reptile, amphibian, invertebrate, supplies, vivariums, husbandry tools, or any other reptile product? We've got you covered at the Hamburg Reptile Show.

Well over 200 tables of everything you can imagine and probably lots of things you never even considered. There is a plethora of breeders, dry goods vendors, and importers to meet your needs. We have everything for the novice just getting started in the hobby all the way to the trained and responsible advanced herpetoculturist. Wherever you're at in the hobby we have something for you.

Hamburg is also a venomous reptile show. All the venomous animals are clearly identified and properly sealed inside their enclosure. These animals are for the advanced hobbyist and require extensive protocol, safety measures, along with checks and balances. Certainly not for the beginner as these are venomous animals. Venomous animal purchases must exit the building after purchase or be held at the vendors table until you are ready to exit the show.
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